Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Short hair

 Man, I love short hair. As in really, really short hair. I have had some friends tell me I look weird with really short hair, but I love it. I usually have to agree with them that I look a little weird with my hair so short, but I still love it. What do I love about it so much? I love how easy it is to take care of it. I love rubbing my head and the feel of my short hair. I love sticking my head out the window and feeling the wind go rushing past without having to worry about my hair getting messed up. And I LOVE the lighter feeling it gives me during the hot months of torture in Utah. In fact, I cannot think of anything I dislike about having short hair.

 So, in case you can't tell, I am posting this because I just barely got a hair cut. And cut my hair really, really short. And it feels great.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New to this

 So, I am horribly new to this whole concept. Most of the time, I am convinced that I really do not have anything worth telling anybody. But, a good friend of mine convinced me that I should start a blog to share what I do have, and so that I will have a blog when I have something worth sharing.
So, here is me trying this out. Not sure how this is going to turn out.

 I titled my blog "Loving the Journey" because that is what I am trying to learn, right now. So much of my life, up to this point, has been setting goals, working on those goals, and judging my progression off of those goals. When I did not reach my goals, I felt I had failed, somehow. And when it took longer to reach any of my goals, I would get frustrated and think that somehow I had failed at something or must need to try harder at something. As you can probably imagine, that led to a lot of unnecessary stress and unhappiness. As time progressed, I grew more and more impatient. I wanted things to work out right away, I got more frustrated more quickly with things. I hid it really well, most people still thought I was the carefree guy enjoying life. But, it was tearing me up inside.

 So, while all of this is going on, we had Stake Conference. About a month later, we had General Conference. There were talks at both that reminded me that life is a journey and not just a series of goals and accomplishments. So, I want to share a couple main points from some of those talks.
 First off, Stake Conference. We had Elder Monday show up, which was a little bit of a let-down at first, because we were supposed to get a General Authority. But, it actually turned out amazing. One thing in particular that stuck with me was this thought from Elder Monday: the Lord does not remember our sins when we repent, so why should we? When I heard that, it felt like a huge burden was lifted from me. I have made so many mistakes, and so many of those were stupid, repeat mistakes. But that thought made me stop and realize, who cares? If the Lord forgives us and forgets about those mistakes, then who am I to try to remember them?

 General Conference is always amazing, and this one was no exception. Going into Conference, I was wondering what I could do to make my life better. Elder Cardon delivered an answer right from the get-go. His was more general advice, and it mirrored pretty well what Elder Monday taught. The Lord wants to forgive us as we repent, and He wants us to know that He loves us. And then Elder Holland gave me some awesome, personal advice. His advice was to remember and focus on what you already know, and then worry about the rest. What I took away from that was, focus on what you are already doing right, and then work on, and worry about, the rest.
 So, those helped a lot, and reminded me of the talk from Elder Worthlin titled "Come What May and Love It". The main message of his talk was that life is going to be hard, and not be fun, sometimes. But we need to learn that that is life, and we just need to learn to love the experiences that come. Hopefully, I actually learn these lessons, instead of forgetting about them a couple months down the road. So, bring it on, life.